R5020 5G/4G LTE Wi-Fi Vehicle Router R5020 5G/4G LTE Wi-Fi Vehicle Router

R5020 5G/4G LTE Wi-Fi Vehicle Router


The Robustel R5020 is a compact 5G router option, offering great 5G coverage speeds at a competitive price. The R5020 offers a simple and effective increase to internet speeds while future-proofing current installations well into the future.

Featuring global 3G, 4G/LTE & 5G band coverage in a compact industrial form factor. The R5020 allows for rapid deployment of high-speed IoT applications in areas as diverse as Transportation, Enterprise Connectivity and Digital Signage.

The Robustel R5020 uses Robustel’s mature and stable operating system RobustOS to get the most out of its small form factor.

Ideal Applications include

  • Digital Signage
  • Commercial Fleets
  • Enterprise Connectivity


The R5020 is a small form factor 5G capable router supporting global 5G, 4G and 3G bands. Also supporting the tried and tested RobustOS operating system developed in-house by Robustel for added customisation. This allows the R5020 to deliver great flexibility and connection speeds to targeted In-vehicle applications including; passenger Wi-Fi, CCTV monitoring, ticketing or a similar onboard requirement. The R5020 offers a simple and effective increase to internet speeds. While future-proofing current installations well into the future. R5020 has achieved E-Mark certification for in-vehicle use and supports GNSS positioning.

Broadband fallback. The R5020 can be configured to use Ethernet or Wi-Fi as its primary internet and fallback to 4G/5G in the event of an outage. This can help to provide resilience to outlets such as shops and small offices. While also providing sufficient bandwidth for multiple users at a reasonable cost. IPsec, DMVPN and OpenVPN protocols can be used for connections into core networks.

Primary Broadband. Cellular providers now offer unlimited 5G tariffs at very reasonable prices, offering hundreds of Mbps internet over the air. For many this is a chance to cut the cables and use a wireless internet connection which can be technically or commercially favourable.

RCMS is Robustels free router monitoring service. It allows customers to see a location overview of their routers quickly and simply on a map. Features such as data usage and signal strength can then be viewed on a per router basis. Over-the-air updates are supported for Firmware and router configuration meaning if anything was not quite right during deployment, it can be fixed in the field.

SIM Slots 2x SIM slots
GPS Optional (Please contact us before ordering)
Accessories Included
Ports 4x GigE, 1x USB 2.0, 1x DIO, 1x RS232 Serial + 1x RS485.
Operating Temperature -25 °C to +70 °C
Antenna Connectors 4x Cellular (2x optional GNSS), 2x Wi-Fi.
Housing Aluminium
Dimensions (mm) 125 x 100 x 48
Device Industry Use Cases Branch Offices,Construction,Transportation
Device Applications Failover Connectivity,In-Vehicle,Primary Connectivity

R5020 DataSheet

R5020 Hardware Manual

RobustOS Software Manual