Vehicle Installation

Vehicle Installation

Our vehicle PCs and routers are designed for permanent in-vehicle installation, and this should always be carried out by an experienced and competent auto electrician.

Installation typically involves:

  • Mounting the device securely in an appropriate location (all our vehicle PCs and routers include integrated mounting holes)
  • Supplying the device with the following power feeds:
    • Permanent +12V
    • Ground (0V)
    • Switched +12V feed which controls when the device powers up or down. This is usually connected to the vehicle’s ignition feed, but it can also be connected to a 2-way switch to allow users to control the power status.  For the maximum flexibility a 3-way switch can be used, giving the user the choice between Powered On, Powered Off, or Powered with the Ignition.
  • Installing antennas (e.g. cellular, Wi-Fi and GPS) and running cables from each antenna back to the device.
  • Installing any other ancillary devices (e.g. touchscreen displays) and running cables back to the PC
  • Connecting any other feeds (e.g. CAN-bus)

We provide installation services for fleet installations involving multiple vehicles, by working closely with a small number of trusted installation partners around the UK. 

Please contact us for further information and to discuss your requirements.