Cellular Antennas

Cellular Antennas Cellular Antennas

4G Bumper-Mounted Antenna (J-E4B1)

The J-E4B1 antenna is a covert 4G antenna.

4G Direct-Connect Antenna (J-I4S)

The J-I4S is a 4G antenna which connects directly to our PCs and routers.

4G Internal Glass-Mounted Antenna (J-I4G)

The J-I4G is a discreet 4G antenna designed to be mounted inside the vehicle cab

4G Magnetic-Mounted Antenna (J-E4MH)

The J-E4MH is a high performance 4G antenna with a powerful magnetic base.

4G Roof-Mounted Antenna (J-E4RH)

The J-E4RH panel-mounted antenna is designed for permanent installation.

4G/5G Paddle Antenna with Fakra Connection (J-I5S)

The J-I5S is a 4G/5G antenna for connecting to the XR range of routers.