Cables Cables

Display Cables & Adaptors

DVI to HDMI cables

These cables allow HDMI-equipped touch screens to be driven from a PC with a DVI

DVI-I to VGA (& DVI-D) Adaptors

The DVI-I adapters are ideal for some PCs in our range that do not feature VGA.

HDMI Cables

We stock a range of sensibly-priced HDMI cables, for use with HDMI-equipped PCs

VGA Extension Cables

We stock a range of premium quality VGA extension cables.

Miscellaneous Cables

3.5 mm to RCA Audio Cables

These audio cables feature a 3.5 mm stereo jack and two phono male plugs.

M12 to RJ45 Ethernet Cable & RJ45 Coupler

This Cat 6 Ethernet cable can be used with the CQ50P to convert the M12 to RJ45.

USB Extension Cables

We stock a range of high quality, shielded USB 2.0 extension cables.