11 Reasons to Choose Us

11 Reasons to Choose Us

Not all in-vehicle PCs are created equal, even if on paper they look very similar.  Choosing the right hardware is vital, but so is choosing the right hardware partner.  Here are 11 reasons why we think you should work with us.

Built to order, here in the UK

We are not a box-shifter.  Each PC that we build is as a result of us understanding your requirements and then implementing them precisely, so that the product that arrives with you has all the necessary features from the word go.  If our standard range of options doesn’t cut it then just ask, and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

Fast Lead Times

Projects are often time-critical, and you need a hardware partner that can meet your deadlines.  We pride ourselves on holding enough components in stock to meet all but the most unexpected orders, and in having the resources to quickly turn those components into your very own built-to-order computers.  Even if we can’t meet an entire order all at once we can nearly always part-ship quickly so that roll-out can start as soon as possible.

Cost Effective

The built-to-order nature of our production process does not mean that our pricing is uncompetitive.  In fact, we regularly compete on price – and win – against much larger players from the Far East.  When it comes to pricing we are flexible, and are happy to consider pricing structures based on realistic annual demand rather than units per drop.  We guarantee to beat competitive quotes for genuine like-for-like products.   The bottom line is that it is possible to have a built to order product with local support without paying the earth – talk to us today.


All our work relates to fixed in-vehicle and small form factor computers, so our resources are tightly focussed in this specialist field rather than loosely spread over a multitude of product lines.

Flexibility, Added Value & Customised Branding

Our production process is inherently flexible, and if we can make extra changes to our computers that make life easier for you then we will.  For example, we often work with our customers to create a customised deployable operating system image (for both standard and embedded operating systems, and including any required application software), which we then automatically apply to each PC during the build process.

We can also carry out configuration steps individually to each PC, such as setting unique machine variables (e.g. PC Name) or configuring the software for each PC’s specific target operating environment.  As a result, PCs that leave our facility are fully configured and ready to be installed immediately with no further work required – and we can drop-ship PCs direct to the installation location if required.

Where appropriate we can also customise the branding of our PCs, by applying your logo instead of ours to the outside of the case, modifying the model number sticker to replace our contact details with yours, and causing your logo to be splashed on-screen when the PC starts.

We are always happy to talk about any other customisations that we can help with, so that our PCs are supplied ready to go out of the box.

UK Support

Support of – and repairs to – our PCs are carried out at our production facility here in the UK.  We provide extremely fast turn-around times for repairs, and where appropriate we can carry pre-built spare PCs to your configuration in stock so that these can be dispatched immediately in the event of an in-service unit developing a problem.  Although not a service we offer as standard, where absolutely necessary we can attend on-site to help resolve complex problems.

Approved for vehicles

All our vehicle computers – not only the base specification models but also the 1,000,000+ optional configurations we offer – are E-mark certified, a process which is more involved than just slapping a numberless sticker onto the product.  Samples have been tested, our production process has been audited, and a genuine E-mark approval number – E11 10R-054687 – has been issued by the UK’s approval authority, the VCA.

The benefits of working with a smaller – but well established – company

As an SME we provide excellent and personal customer service, and we’re flexible – always being willing to go the extra mile.  In-CarPC has been trading since 2007, and in May 2014 we became part of Bowmonk Ltd, a family company with a worldwide distribution network.  Bowmonk was founded in 1966 – a whole 50 years ago.

Whole System Supply

The PC itself is the most important component of an in-vehicle computer system – and that’s the part that we build in-house.  However, other external components are often needed, like touch screen displays, antennas and installation accessories.  We stock all these items so that we can offer you the convenience of sourcing all the parts you need – and getting after-sales support – from just one place.


We can take away the headache of installation by using one of our trusted installation sub-contractors, who we work with to manage the installation and ensure that everything runs smoothly.  The fact that we are regularly involved with installations means that we understand the environment in which our computers operate.

Last but not least – Happy Customers

We often publish case studies – with quotes from named companies – that demonstrate what our customers think about us.  Please take a look at our Case Studies page for proof that using In-CarPC computers makes for happy and satisfied customers.