Operating System Image Preparation & Deployment

Operating System Image Preparation & Deployment

We offer a range of operating systems preinstalled on our PCs, which include only essential drivers and software (no “bloatware”), and have power settings applied which are suitable for the target environment (normally in-vehicle).

Upon request we can create a specific operating system image which can then be deployed to your PCs during production.  Changes from our “vanilla” operating system image could include:

  • Installation of software applications – either off-the-shelf or your own in-house applications
  • Changes to settings within the operating system
  • Changes to branding within the operating system

Such operating system images can be created by us, by you, or by mutual effort.  Creation of a customised operating system image is normally a service that we offer free of charge, although this is at our discretion and is subject to an appropriate number of computers being ordered.

In addition to standard operating systems we also have experience in customising and deploying Microsoft embedded operating systems.  Please click here for more information about embedded operating systems, including the advantages of using them.  Due to the complexity and time required, creation of embedded operating system images is a chargeable service.