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M12 to RJ45 Ethernet Cable & RJ45 Coupler

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  • Above: M12 to RJ45 cable

  • Above: RJ45 coupler (Female to Female)

This 1m Cat 6 Ethernet cable can be used with the CQ50P series PC to convert one of the PC's M12 X-coded connectors to a shielded RJ45 Male connector.  

The RJ45 inline coupler (also shielded) can then be used if an RJ45 Female termination is required.  

Please note that the cable and coupler are separate parts, although they can be ordered together as below.  As the CQ50P has 4 Ethernet ports, up to 4 cables (with or without couplers) may be required per PC.   

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Cable Connectors

M12 X-coded Male to RJ45 Male (shielded)

Cable Length


Coupler Connectors

RJ45 Female to RJ45 Female (shielded)

Standard (Cable & Coupler)

Cat 6

Part Numbers

In-CarPC Part Number for cable: LNMMRM1

In-CarPC Part Number for coupler: LNRFRF0

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