Amplified Communications Speaker Amplified Communications Speaker

Amplified Communications Speaker


Although our touch screen displays include built-in speakers, these are generally not powerful enough to be heard above significant levels of ambient noise, such as in highways maintenance vehicles, airport vehicles or emergency service vehicles.

This 3W amplified communications speaker is perfect for such vehicles, where software running on an on-board PC issues verbal instructions to the driver or crew.

The speaker requires a 6-15 V DC input, and can be powered directly from all our in-vehicle PCs (CQ family and C family).

A mounting bracket is included and the speaker includes 1.15m cables terminating in a 3.5 mm mono jack for audio, and bare wires for power.  The speaker has a rotary volume control, allowing users to easily adjust the volume.

Power input

6 – 15 V DC

Rated Power



1-channel amplifier with volume control

Frequency response

20 Hz – 20 KHz


115 cm cables terminating in 3.5 mm jack plug (audio) and bare wires (power)


Mounting bracket included