CB-6 Multi Output CAN Bus Interface CB-6 Multi Output CAN Bus Interface

CB-6 Multi Output CAN Bus Interface


In modern vehicles it is often difficult to locate many feeds that were once common – including ignition feeds, speed pulse signals and reverse signals.  The CB-6 CAN interface connects to the vehicle’s CAN bus and can provide the following feeds*:

  • Ignition feed
  • Speed pulse
  • Engine speed
  • Reverse gear
  • Illumination
  • Handbrake

The CB-6 is particularly useful if you order a PC with GPS dead reckoning, which requires that the PC is provided with speed pulse and, less importantly, reverse feeds.  If these cannot be obtained directly from the vehicle the CB-6 adapter can provide these.

The CB-6 is compatible with 40 vehicle manufacturers covering 350+ different models, including SAE J1939 commercial vehicles.  The device is programmed to automatically detect the vehicle type for easy installation. A 12V supply line is required.

*Please note that not all feeds are available on all vehicles – please contact us for further details.

Ignition Feed

Inverse signal: 12V when ignition is off, 0V when ignition is on (requires relay)

Vehicle Speed

3600 pulses per mile approx.

Engine Speed

2 pulses per revolution

Reverse Signal

12V = Reverse, 0V = Forward

Light on/off

12V = On, 0V = Off

Handbrake Signal

0V = On, 12V = Off