Alfatronix PV12S / PV12S-A 24V to 12V Voltage Dropper (12A) Alfatronix PV12S / PV12S-A 24V to 12V Voltage Dropper (12A)

Alfatronix PV12S / PV12S-A 24V to 12V Voltage Dropper (12A)

Alfatronix’s PV12S(-A) is a rugged and reliable voltage dropper that allows equipment designed for 12V operation to be used in vehicles with a 24V electrical system (e.g. trucks and buses).  The PV12S(-A) supports 12A continuous load, with an intermittent load of up to 18A (for a maximum of 2 minutes, followed by 8 minutes rest).

The PV12S(-A) is therefore ideal if you wish to supply our higher power in-vehicle computers, such as the CQ60 series, with a nominal 12V supply in a 24V vehicle.  Note that for our other in-vehicle computers we recommend the lower power PV6S(-A), and for in-vehicle routers the PV3S(-A).

The PV12S(-A) fits onto a supplied “Click ‘n’ Fit” mounting clip which is fixed in three points, allowing it to be mounted on uneven surfaces.  A green LED indicates that there is a power output from the converter.

The product is available in two variants as follows:

  • PV12S: Single output
  • PV12S-A: Dual-output.  This accepts two independent 24V inputs (e.g. permanent power feed and an ignition-switched feed) and converts them both to 12V outputs. The power budget is shared between the two outputs, either one of which can provide full power. The PV12S-A is particularly useful for ensuring that both the permanent and ignition-switched feeds connected to our in-vehicle PCs are a nominal 12V.
Input Voltage Range

17 – 32V DC

Output Voltage

13.6V  +15% -20% at extremes

Transient Voltage Protection

Meets ISO7637-2 for 24V DC commercial vehicles

Electrostatic Voltage Protection

Meets ISO10605 & ISO14892, >8 kV contact, 15 kV discharge

Output Noise

<50 mV pk-pk at continuous load, meets CISPR25

Off Load Current

<15 mA

Power Conversion Efficiency

Typically 90%

Operating temperature

-25 to 30 °C to meet these specifications.

+30 to +80 °C de rate linearly to 0A.


Anodised Aluminium, glass filled polycarbonate

IP533 – Dust, water and impact resistant


PV12S: 4 x 6.3 mm push-on flat blade connectors

PV12S-A: 5 x 6.3 mm push-on flat blade connectors

Output indicator

Green LED adjacent to output terminals

Mounting method

Click ‘n’ fit mounting clip, fitted separately using three hole fixture

Over current

Limited by current sensing circuit

Over heat

Limited by temperature sensing circuit





PV12S: 127 x 87 x 50 mm

PV12S-A: 126 x 87 x 50 mm


PV12S: 405 g

PV12S-A: 455 g