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blank-it Driver Safety Software


Blank-IT is a driver safety solution which prevents the use of non-approved programs while the vehicle is in motion.  It is an easy, safe and legally compliant way of managing in-vehicle computer displays to prevent driver distraction.

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blank-it is an innovative driver safety solution designed to prohibit the operation of unapproved programs while the vehicle is in transit. Offering an uncomplicated, secure, and legally compliant approach, Blank-IT meticulously manages in-vehicle computer displays, effectively minimizing driver distractions. By focusing on creating a safe driving environment, Blank-IT promotes the responsible use of technology on the move.

Eradicate distractions. Enhance safety. Economize costs.

In the fast-paced world we inhabit, distracted driving has emerged as a grave issue. 2019 saw an alarming spike in distraction-related accidents in the United States, with a staggering 424,000 people injured. Tragically, driver distractions led to the unfortunate loss of 3,192 lives, and in an overwhelming 94% of these fatal cases, screens were identified as the primary distractors.

Enter blank-it.

Founded in 2003, blank-it is at the forefront of the crusade against distracted driving, offering an advanced in-vehicle screen blanking safety software. Designed to blank screens when vehicles are in motion, our innovative solution has been implemented primarily in warehouses (forklifts) and by emergency responders (police cruisers and ambulances) to significantly mitigate accidents caused by driver distractions. Our clients, which include industry giants such as Ford USA, Honda de Mexico, Michelin North America, and BP Lubricants, rely on us to safeguard their fleets and reduce operational risks.

With blank-it, you can pave the way towards safer, more efficient operations.

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Blank-it offers a robust suite of customizable features to seamlessly align with your organization’s workflow, branding, legal obligations, and Occupational Health & Safety regulations.

Screen Color Customization: Blank-it lets you personalize the color of the deactivated screen to match your brand identity, messaging, or to suit the unique brightness conditions and requirements of your workspace.

Logo or Message Display: Flexibility to either display a message or upload your company logo on the blanked screen.

Manual Screen Reactivation: Users can simply tap an icon to reactivate the computer screen manually.

Selective App Display: Tailor which applications can be displayed, as well as specify their positioning on the screen within the app launcher.

Browser App Compatibility: Full support provided for browser-based applications.

Peripheral Disabling: Input from peripherals like keyboard, mouse, or touchscreen can be disabled when the screen is blank to avoid accidental changes.

Key & Combination Enablement: Specific keys or key combinations can be enabled when the screen is blanked to ensure there’s no disruption to your workflow.

Physical Button Mapping: Blank-it facilitates the mapping of tablet’s physical buttons to boost its functionality.

Temporary Screen Override: Option to temporarily override a blanked screen. Developed for Emergency Responders.

Proxy Server Compatibility: Offers comprehensive support for setting up proxy servers.

Automatic Update: Auto-updates configuration files on your mobile computer, maintaining the latest settings and features.

Continuous Active Check: Blank-it runs regular checks automatically to ensure it’s always functioning.

Bypass Prevention: Includes secure mechanisms to prevent an operator from circumventing Blank-it’s protection features.

Blank-it comes in three models:

  • BL-146: A first-generation USB Motion Sensor (End of Life).
  • BL-149: A first-generation USB Motion Sensor with override support (End of Life).
  • BL-205: A second generation rugged USB Motion Sensor with optional click-in override cable that gives the same functionality as the BL-149.

The BL-205 model is the current model and is the replacement for both the BL-146 and the BL-149.