RAM VESA Mounting Solution (TMNT03/TMNT04) RAM VESA Mounting Solution (TMNT03/TMNT04)

RAM VESA Mounting Solution (TMNT03/TMNT04)

The TMNT03 and TMNT04 RAM VESA mounting solutions provide an extremely secure and robust way of mounting any of our touchscreen displays with VESA 75 mounting holes to the vehicle dashboard, or other surface.

The dual-jointed nature of the mounting bracket enables the attached display to be positioned exactly as required.

This mounting solution consists of the following RAM parts:

  • RAM-202
  • RAM-201 (for TMNT03) or RAM-201-B (for TMNT04)
  • RAM-2461

The two variants differ only in the length of the double-socket arm – TMNT03 uses a 14cm length arm, whereas the more popular TMNT04 uses a shorter 9 cm length arm.

Both arms support an optional locking knob for security purposes, so that a key is required in order to adjust or undo the mount.


A 6.35 cm diameter round base with predrilled holes (including universal AMPS hole pattern) for mounting to the vehicle dashboard, with rubber ball for attachment to RAM-201(-B).


A double socket arm with internal spring and thumbscrew, approx. 9 cm (RAM-201-B) or 14 cm (RAM-201) in length.


A VESA 75 plate with rubber ball for attachment to the above arm.  The VESA plate can be mounted to any of our monitors with VESA mounting holes.

If ordered with a display, bolts are included for attaching the mount to the display.