GPS Dash-Mounted Active Antenna (J-IGA) GPS Dash-Mounted Active Antenna (J-IGA)

GPS Dash-Mounted Active Antenna (J-IGA)


The J-IGA antenna is designed to be mounted inside the vehicle cabin, and as such is very easy to install.  The antenna is supplied with both an adhesive mount for a secure installation in almost any location, and hook and loop pads for temporary fixing.

The antenna includes a built-in Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) which amplifies the GPS signal by 26 dB.

Performance will be highly dependent on the antenna’s view of the sky, and the optimum internal location is normally at the base of the front windscreen.  The J-IGA is not suitable for being mounting behind glass which is either heat reflective or contains a fine wire heating mesh.

Due to the fact that at least some of the sky will still be blocked by the vehicle’s own roof, the J-EGR roof-mounted antenna is likely to provide better performance overall. However, the J-IGA is still an excellent solution, especially for cars and vans that have sloping windscreens and therefore offer a wider view of the sky than larger vehicles with vertical windscreens.

Frequency Range

1575 MHz

Operational Bands



LNA: 26 dB


<2.0:1 @ 1575 MHz +/- 4 MHz


Right hand circular



Operating Voltage

3 – 5 V DC (fed by vehicle PC/router via GPS coax cable)


15 mA typical


Length: 34.6 mm

Height: 13.2 mm

Width: 34.6 mm

Operating Temperature

-40 to +80 °C





Mounting Info

Fixing: Adhesive pad / hook and loop

Cable Info

Cable length: 3m

Cable type: Standard (RG174)

Connector: SMA Male


Panorama Antennas

Part Numbers

In-CarPC Part No: J-IGA / JIGA

Panorama Part No: GPSSV-3SMAP