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DVI-I to VGA (& DVI-D) Adapters

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  • Above: Part LDV02 enables a VGA monitor to be driven from a DVI-I port

  • Above: Part LDDV enables both a DVI and a VGA monitor to be driven from a single DVI-I port

These DVI-I adapters are ideal for our CQ15, CQ30, CQ40CQ50(P) and C4 computers that are ordered without VGA ports (e.g. due to space on the I/O backplate being used for other ports instead). 

Two variants are available:

  • LDV02: A DVI-I to VGA adapter which allows the PC to drive an analogue VGA display
  • LDDV: A DVI-I to VGA + DVI-D adapter which allows two displays to be driven independently from a single DVI-I port (one via VGA, the other via DVI-D). Please note that this is a Dual Link cable, and that CQ30 and CQ50(P) computers output non-standard signals on the pins normally used for Link 2 signals. Therefore for these PCs please ensure that a Single Link cable is used for onward connection to the monitor.   

Please note that these adapters only function with DVI-I outputs, which include both digital and analogue signals.  They cannot be used with digital-only DVI-D outputs, such as those on the C3 series PC.

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Connector A

LDV01: DVI-A Male (for connection to PC's DVI-I or DVI-A port)

LDDV: DVI-I Male (for connection to PC's DVI-I port)

Connector B

LDV01: VGA Female (for monitor)

LDDV: VGA Female (for one monitor)

Connector C

LDV01: [None]

LDDV: DVI-D Female (for second, independent, monitor)

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