LCD840SH – 8.4″ Touch Sensitive Display (Sunlight readable) LCD840SH - 8.4" Touch Sensitive Display (Sunlight readable)

LCD840SH – 8.4″ Touch Sensitive Display (Sunlight readable)


The LCD840SH is an 8.4″ transflective touchscreen with an anti-glare surface which can be viewed even under direct sunlight.  The display is suitable for any PC with a VGA video output, and can also display footage from up to 3 analogue cameras via RCA inputs.  A basic dashboard mounting bracket is included, but the LCD840SH’s T-slot and VESA mounting holes allow it to be used with a wide range of other mounting solutions – such as RAM Mount brackets for installation at various locations within the vehicle cab.

The touchscreen is supplied with a 2.5m all-in-one cable, which supplies all necessary feeds to the touchscreen via a single cable.  The cable breaks out into industry-standard connectors (VGA, RCA, DC plug, etc.) approximately half-way along its length, and has a male multi-pin connector at the display end.  The display itself has a short cable protruding from the back with a corresponding female multi-pin connector for connection to the all-in-one cable.

The LCD840SH switches on automatically when a signal is detected on the VGA input, and automatically switches to its third RCA camera input when a 12V signal is applied to a dedicated input feed line (e.g. indicating that reverse gear is selected).

Screen size

8.4″ diagonal

Sunlight readable

Transflective sunlight readable panel with anti-glare surface.

Supported Resolution

640 x 480 – 1920 x 1200

Physical Resolution

800 x 600

Aspect Ratio



450 cd/m²

Contrast Ratio


Video Inputs

VGA video input

3 x composite RCA video inputs, one with auto switching for rear-view camera

Touchscreen Interface

USB touchscreen interface

Software and drivers are preinstalled on all our PCs (and also available separately)

Touchscreen Technology

Resistive (can be operated with gloves)

Power input

12V (DC input socket on end of all-in-one cable)

Max power consumption


Auto Power On

Display automatically powers on when a VGA input signal is detected, and powers off when the signal is lost.

Auto Camera Switching

Display automatically switches to 3rd RCA video input whenever 12V is applied to a dedicated signal line on the all-in-one cable.


Built-in stereo speakers (2 x RCA audio inputs on all-in-one cable)

Note – the built-in speaker is relatively low powered, and is not suitable for environments with significant background noise.  For these environments we recommend an amplified communications speaker.

Visible area

170 x 130 mm


232 x 162 x 36 mm

Operating Temperature

-30 to 85 °C


VESA 75 mounting holes

T-slot mounting channel

Supplied with

AC power adapter

Touchscreen stylus

IR remote

2.5m all-in-one cable

Cigarette lighter power adapter

Mounting bracket