4G (MIMO), 2.4/5 GHz Wi-Fi (MIMO) & GPS Roof-Mounted Antenna (J-E4Dx) 4G (MIMO), 2.4/5 GHz Wi-Fi (MIMO) & GPS Roof-Mounted Antenna (J-E4Dx)

4G (MIMO), 2.4/5 GHz Wi-Fi (MIMO) & GPS Roof-Mounted Antenna (J-E4Dx)

The J-E4Dx range of antennas is capable of supporting up to six isolated high performance antenna elements all within a single housing:

  • Two ultra-wideband elements support MIMO operation at cellular frequencies
  • Two or three dual-band elements support MIMO operation for 2.4 & 5 GHz Wi-Fi
  • A high performance active GPS antenna

The J-E4Dx is available in a range of configurations, with all antenna elements (up to 6) located in a single rugged enclosure.  If specified with 5 or 6 antenna elements the J-E4Dx offers a complete all-in-one MIMO antenna solution for our PCs or routers.

The J-E4Dx series does not require a ground plane, making it suitable for installation onto all roof types.

The J-E4Dx series of antennas is also available with a white enclosure instead of black.

Please note that due to the number of internal antennas the J-E4Dx has a relatively large diameter, which may not be obvious from the picture – dimensions can be viewed below.

Frequency Range

Cellular (x2): 698-960 / 1700-2700 MHz

Wi-Fi (x2 or x3): 2300-2700 / 4900-6000 MHz

GPS: 1575 MHz

Peak Realised Gain (excluding cable)


  • + 2.3 dBi @ 698-960MHz
  • + 5 dBi @ 1700-2700 MHz

Wi-Fi: + 2 dBi

GPS: 26 dB (gain of LNA)


Cellular: <2.5:1

Wi-Fi: <2:1

GPS: <2.0:1 +/- 4 MHz

Isolation (in free space)

Cellular: > 15 dB

Wi-Fi: > 20 dB


Cellular & Wi-Fi: Vertical

GPS: Right hand circular



Max Input Power


Operating Voltage (GPS)

3 – 7 V DC (fed by vehicle PC/router via GPS coax cable)

Current (GPS)

14 mA typical


Height: 62 mm

Diameter: 176 mm

Operating Temperature

-30 to +80 °C


ASA & diecast aluminium


Black as standard

White optional

Mounting Info

Fixing: Panel mount

Hole diameter: 19 mm

Maximum panel thickness: 6 mm (optional extension kit available for thicker, ridged or uneven mounting surfaces)

Cable Info

Cable length: 0.3m protruding from base of antenna plus 5m (cellular & Wi-Fi) or 6m (GPS) extension cables.

Cable type:

  • Cellular: ultra low loss
  • Wi-Fi: low loss
  • GPS: Standard

Approximate cable loss per metre:

  • Cellular: 0.5 dB (although varies with frequency)
  • Wi-Fi: 0.6 dB @ 2 GHz
  • GPS: 1.25 dB


  • Cellular: SMA Male
  • Wi-Fi: SMA Male
  • GPS: SMA Male

Panorama Antennas

Part Numbers

Dual 4G variant:

  • In-CarPC Part No: J-E4DR / JE4DR
  • Panorama Part No: LPMMB-7-27 (antenna), 2 x C29SP-5SJ (cables)

Dual 4G & GPS variant:

  • In-CarPC Part No: J-E4DGR / JE4DGR
  • Panorama Part No: LGMMB-7-27 (antenna), 2 x C29SP-5SJ (cellular cables), C74-FP-6-SMAP (GPS cable)

Dual 4G & dual Wi-Fi variant:

  • In-CarPC Part No: J-E4DWR / JE4DWR
  • Panorama Part No: LPMMB-7-27-24-58 (antenna), 2 x C29SP-5SJ (cellular cables), 2 x C32SP-5SP (Wi-Fi cables)

Dual 4G, dual Wi-Fi & GPS variant:

  • In-CarPC Part No: J-E4DGWR / JE4DGWR
  • Panorama Part No: LGMMB-7-27-24-58 (antenna), 2 x C29SP-5SJ (cellular cables), 2 x C32SP-5SP (Wi-Fi cables), C74-FP-6-SMAP (GPS cable)

Dual 4G, triple Wi-Fi & GPS variant:

  • In-CarPC Part No: J-E4DGWTR / JE4DGWTR
  • Panorama Part No: LGMTMB-7-27-24-58 (antenna), 2 x C29SP-5SJ (cellular cables), 3 x C32SP-5SP (Wi-Fi cables), C74-FP-6-SMAP (GPS cable)