4G, 2.4/5 GHz Wi-Fi & GPS Dash/Glass-Mounted Antenna (J-ID4GW) 4G, 2.4/5 GHz Wi-Fi & GPS Dash/Glass-Mounted Antenna (J-ID4GW)

4G, 2.4/5 GHz Wi-Fi & GPS Dash/Glass-Mounted Antenna (J-ID4GW)


The J-ID4GW antenna offers a “3 in 1” solution, covering 4G, dual-band Wi-Fi and active GPS/GLONASS/BeiDou in a single package which can be mounted to the vehicle dashboard or windscreen.

The antenna housing is UV resistant and flame retardant, while the 3m integrated coax cables are flame retardant and low smoke specification.

The antenna offers quick and easy installation on or under the dashboard, or on the windscreen, using the supplied acrylic adhesive pad.

Please note that the J-ID4GW is not suitable for being mounted to heat reflective glass, or to windscreens which are heated by a fine wire mesh.  It can, however, be mounted to tinted or double-glazed glass.

Frequency Range

Cellular: 698-960 / 1710-3800 MHz

Wi-Fi: 2400 / 4900-6000 MHz

GPS/GLONASS: 1562-1612 MHz

Peak Realised Gain (excluding cable)


  • + 1.5 dBi @ 890-960MHz
  • + 4.5 dBi @ 1710-2170 MHz
  • + 4.5 dBi @ 2500-3800 MHz


  • + 6 dBi @ 2400 MHz
  • + 7 dBi @ 4900-6000 MHz

GPS: 26 dB (gain of LNA)



Max Input Power


Operating Voltage (GPS)

3 – 5 V DC (fed by vehicle PC/router via GPS coax cable)

Current (GPS)

15 mA typical


Height: 15 mm

Length: 131 mm

Depth: 84.5 mm

Operating Temperature

-30 to +70 °C


UV stable flame retardant ABS plastic



Mounting Info

Fixing: Acrylic adhesive pad

Cable Info

Cable length: 3m

Cable type:

  • Cellular: ultra low loss
  • Wi-Fi: low loss
  • GPS: standard

Approximate cable loss per metre:

  • Cellular: 0.5 dB (although varies with frequency)
  • Wi-Fi: 0.6 dB @ 2 GHz
  • GPS: 1.25 dB


  • Cellular: SMA Male
  • Wi-Fi: SMA Male Reverse Polarity
  • GPS: SMA Male

Panorama Antennas

Part Numbers

In-CarPC Part No: J-ID4GW / JID4GW

Panorama Part No: GPSCO-7-27-24-58