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In-CarPC powers taxi advertising system in Channel Islands

October 2009

In-CarPC’s computers are being used to display in-vehicle advertising in taxis across Jersey. Each vehicle includes a PC and two headrest screens, which automatically turn on with the vehicle ignition and display advertising content to passengers.  All the PCs include 3G internet connectivity, which allows the advertising content in individual vehicles or the entire fleet to be updated remotely at any time, with no need to manually visit each vehicle.

Currently the system is installed in around 30 vehicles across Jersey, with further deployments expected in the near future.

In-CarPC built the computers to order, and also supplied replacement leather headrests with built-in screens.  Custom screens without any buttons were used, so that passengers are unable to interfere with the system, and the headrests were supplied in a variety of colours to match different vehicles’ interiors.

More information is available on our case studies page.