Our Most Powerful PC Ever…….Introducing the CQ89G Our Most Powerful PC Ever.......Introducing the CQ89G

Our Most Powerful PC Ever…….Introducing the CQ89G


With the ever-increasing demand for AI GPU computing power, In-CarPC are pleased to announce our most powerful PC to date, the CQ89G.

While similar in size to the CQ70 series and still featuring our signature fanless design. The increased power of the CQ89G, with its 10th generation (comet lake) Intel Core i9 processor (supporting up to 64 GB RAM) and Nvidia RTX 3000 Quadro GPU (which features 1920 CUDA cores and 240 Tensor cores), gives it the increased computing power to deal with the increasing demand.

Unlike other series in our range the CQ80 series has been specifically designed from the outset to be capable of supporting today’s GPU computing demands, which is why the CQ80 series only comes in the form of the CQ89G, with the GPU and PoE as standard. As with all our other systems the CQ89G is customizable to your needs and can be fitted with optional expansion cards ranging from 4G/LTE modems to GPS with dead reckoning and video capture cards. For more information on the CQ89G and its capabilities, please view our datasheet here.

For pricing information please view the CQ89G product page here, or contact us here with your enquiries.

The CQ89G is available to order, Please contact us with any questions.