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AppSoft partners with In-CarPC for Fleet Information & Maintenance System

November 2014

We are pleased to announce a new product partner in AppSoft, the developers of AcceleratorVMS - a comprehensive fleet information and maintenance software package which maintains compliance and ensures efficient running costs.  For the last 18 months AppSoft have been developing Go Mobile, a mobile extension to AcceleratorVMS which allows mobile access to the Accelerator Vehicle Management System.

Accelerator by Appsoft Banner Logo

Recognising the importance of running Go Mobile on a user-friendly device with robust cellular internet connectivity while out in the field, AppSoft have announced that In-CarPC's computers are their preferred hardware platform on which to run Go Mobile.

Graham Helliwell, Commercial Director of AppSoft, said "Go Mobile is an easy to use mobile solution that can run on any device, but of course it is only as good as the hardware on which it runs.  We recommend that our Go Mobile customers use on-board hardware from In-CarPC in order to make the most of Go Mobile's exciting range of new features."

Go Mobile can be used by drivers to perform their daily vehicle walk round checks and defects reporting, as well as viewing vehicle assignments directly on their in-cab screen.  Mobile technicians working on-site can add or view jobs allocated to them and complete all tasks, including time sheets, on their in-vehicle PC.  The back-office system of AcceleratorVMS can then automatically invoice customers without delay the moment the job has been finished.  The fact that every relevant piece of information about the job is recorded within Accelerator VMS eliminates the risk of invoices being queried by customers at a later date and subsequently reduced in price due to a lack of recorded information.  

Of course, as well as running Go Mobile, our in-cab computers can be used for a range of other tasks including navigation, tracking, CCTV recording or running any other Windows 7 or Window 8 software application.  

For customers that don't require an in-cab system and wish to use Go Mobile on a handheld or tablet device, In-CarPC's 3G Wi-Fi routers can provide robust internet connectivity to such devices.

For more information about AcceleratorVMS, including Go Mobile, please visit the AppSoft website.