TM-CS Netherlands Emergency Service Vehicles (PCs) TM-CS Netherlands Emergency Service Vehicles (PCs)

TM-CS Netherlands Emergency Service Vehicles (PCs)

TM-CS is a leading provider of in-vehicle systems for emergency services in Holland, having been in the market for over 35 years.  TM-CS’s vision was to create a single point of control for all the in-vehicle systems that they install, such as emergency lights, sirens, radio communications, GSM voice communications, video surveillance, automatic number plate recognition, navigation, and 3G internet connectivity.  For this they needed a high quality and reliable vehicle PC that could interface with these systems and tie them all together.

Yorick Rohof, Managing Director of TM-CS, explains why In-CarPC’s platform was chosen: “We set out to find a PC that was robust, high performance, and had the connectivity we needed to integrate the various separate in-vehicle systems we had.  High performance was important for us, as our system needed to carry out a lot of functions at the same time, and the system had to be robust to cope with the extreme environment of a typical emergency service vehicle. We chose In-CarPC’s machines because they performed extremely well during many months of testing, and continue to do so.”

Having chosen In-CarPC’s computers, and after months of further development, TM-CS created a truly unique system which provides the following features:

  • Lights and sirens are controlled via the PC screen
  • Audio from the police radio is controlled via the PC screen
  • Satellite Navigation guides police officers to incident locations
  • An on-screen map shows the real-time location of other police vehicles
  • Live video footage from other police vehicles is displayed on-screen, so that officers are familiar with an incident such as an accident scene or hostage situation as soon as they arrive
  • A 360 degree camera on the roof of the vehicle records high quality footage and makes this accessible to the control centre or other PC-equipped police vehicles
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) software continuously monitors vehicles around the police car, and flags up any wanted vehicles
  • The system retrieves information from police databases
  • Incident reports created on the PC are immediately available to other officers

To demonstrate the system, TM-CS installed the complete package into a Toyota iQ, proving that such a powerful system can be fitted into even the smallest of cars.

In January 2010 In-CarPC appointed TM-CS as its exclusive distributor in the Netherlands for select PC models.

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