MD Totem – Tenerife Taxi Advertising (PCs) MD Totem - Tenerife Taxi Advertising (PCs)

MD Totem – Tenerife Taxi Advertising (PCs)

Tenerife-based company MDTotem has equipped a fleet of 50 taxis with In-CarPC’s computers, which use software developed by MDTotem to show advertising information to passengers.  The PCs provide a comprehensive in-vehicle advertising solution that not only displays advertising content to passengers using large screens built-in to the headrests, but also allows relevant information to be quickly transferred to passengers’ Bluetooth phones.  For example, if a passenger sees an advert for a local restaurant, they can use the touch sensitive display to operate an intuitive interactive menu system that allows the contact details of that restaurant to be sent directly to their phone via Bluetooth.  Tenerife being a popular destination for tourists from all over the world, the language of the adverts and menu system can easily be changed by selecting the appropriate country’s flag.

The computers turn on automatically when the vehicle’s ignition is turned on at the start of the day, meaning that the advertising system starts working without any input from the driver or passengers.  The PCs are set to shut down automatically 15 minutes after the ignition is turned off, which gives uninterrupted advertising during short periods in the day when the engine is turned off, and allows time for the system to update via Wi-Fi at the end of the day when the vehicle is within range of a wireless network.

Juan Carlos Rocha Cabrera, Managing Director of MDTotem, is very pleased with In-CarPC’s computers, saying “We chose In-CarPC’s computers because of the optimum relationship between price and product quality, the high performance of the In-CarPC product in its daily use, and the commercial seriousness of In-CarPC’s staff.  In-CarPC built all the computers within the agreed time-frame, and the machines are performing very well.  I am also pleased with the high level of support we have received from the company.  The first 50 taxis have been a great success, and we now intend to extend the solution throughout the Canary Islands.”

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