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RAM T-Slot Mounting Solution (TMNT01)

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  • Above: TMNT01 RAM Mount bracket

  • Above: TMNT01 RAM Mount bracket attached to LCD700 display

The TMNT01 RAM T-slot mounting solution provides a secure and robust way of mounting any of our 7" and 8" touchscreens with T-slot channels to the vehicle dashboard, or other surface.

The dual-jointed nature of the mounting bracket enables the attached display to be positioned exactly as required.

This mounting solution consists of the following RAM parts:

  • RAM-B-202
  • RAM-B-201
  • RAP-B-375

More information about each part is detailed in the Specifications section below.

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A 6.35 cm diameter round base with predrilled holes (including universal AMPS hole pattern) for mounting to the vehicle dashboard, with rubber ball for attachment to RAM-B-201.


A double socket arm with internal spring and thumbscrew, approx. 9 cm in length.


A T-slot attachment with rubber ball for attachment to the above arm.  All our 7" and 8" monitors feature integrated T-slot channels.

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