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Navigation Solution - PC Navigator

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PC Navigator is an off-the-shelf navigation package for our in-vehicle computers, featuring voice guidance, optional HGV-specific route optimisation, and detailed TomTom maps.  

PC Navigator is easy to integrate with 3rd party software and supports fleet management features such as 2-way messaging and remote dispatch from HQ.

Features include:

  • Detailed street-level maps for Europe, USA, Canada and other countries (map coverage depends on version purchased).
  • Traffic lane assistant.
  • Voice guidance with multi-language support.
  • HGV-specific routing - route optimisation for large vehicles based on height and weight, avoiding low bridges and narrow lanes (optional feature).
  • Easy integration with fleet management / telematics systems.  PC Navigator supports the use of serial or TCP/IP commands to assign a new destination or routing point, carry out 2-way messaging with the driver, query the current ETA, and much more.  This makes it easy to integrate PC Navigator with 3rd party software (either running locally or remotely) and fleet management / telematics systems.    
  • Easily create journeys with multiple waypoints.
  • Display of the current speed limit.
  • Easy cross-border routing.
  • Up to 3 customisable information panels show information such as the estimated time of arrival, distance to destination, time until next manoeuvre, time until next waypoint, distance to next waypoint, altitude, speed, number of GPS satellites, heading and more.
  • Search for destinations by post code (full length), address, built-in points of interest database, coordinates, or internet sources.
  • Night mode colour scheme prevents the driver being blinded in low-light conditions.
  • Route avoidance allows specific roads to be blocked from the route.
  • Easy customisation (e.g. add or remove buttons to/from the menu or navigation screen).
  • Standard sat-nav features included, such as automatic re-routing if the driver makes a wrong turn, 2D and 3D views, favourites database, speed camera database with audible warnings, etc.

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Part Numbers

N04NGB: PC Navigator 16 with GB & Ireland maps

N04NEU: PC Navigator 16 with Europe maps

N04NTGB: PC Navigator 16 Truck version with GB & Ireland maps

N04NTEU: PC Navigator 16 Truck version with Europe maps

Free Storage Required

4.5 GB for full Europe installation

Supported Operating Systems

Windows 2000/XP/7/8/10

GPS Requirements
  • GPS module (dead reckoning optional)
  • Appropriate GPS antenna

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