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Munich University to use CQ67G in Autonomous Formula Student Series

April 2019

TUfast have taken delivery of the In-carPC CQ67G high spec PC to run this year competitions.
More info about the CQ67 can be found HERE

TUfast is an organization of students with a shared passion, the passion for motorsports. Every year their team members take up the challenge of developing, designing and building two all new Formula Student racing cars with an electric and a combustion Powertrain. Team spirit, commitment and persistence paired with technical finesse are what make it possible for them to succeed at national and international competitions throughout the Formula Student events. We hope with the experience technical knowledge of the staff at In-CarPC we can work together to build and race ready PC to fit the demands of motorsport activity.

Everyone at In-CarPC would like to wish everyone at Munich university all the luck for the current year.