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The CQ Series - our All-New, Fanless Vehicle PC

November 2013

For the past year we have been developing a brand new range of in-vehicle computers, designed from the ground up to be the perfect in-vehicle computer for the types of application that our customers typically approach us about.

We are pleased to announce preliminary details of the CQ series, ahead of its launch in late 2014.


Suitable for Extremely Dusty Environments

The rugged and fanless design of the CQ series makes it suitable for exceptionally dusty environments where fanned computers would not be suitable.

Ultra Reliable & High-Performance 3G/4G Internet Connectivity

With up to 4 internal cellular (3G/4G) modems, supporting failover, load balancing and channel bonding modes, the CQ series provides ultra-reliable and ultra-high-performance internet connectivity via 3G and 4G cellular networks, with all 4 SIM cards being externally accessible.  The combined internet connectivity can be shared via Wi-Fi (or GLAN ports) to other devices.

Data Retrieval & Maintenance Tasks Made Easy

The CQ series features dual removable bays for 2.5" hard drives or SSDs.  The secondary (data) drive features 100% tool-less removal and a "safely remove" external button that can be used to prepare software applications for hot-swap removal of the hard drive or SSD.  The primary (boot) drive can be quickly removed by unscrewing just 4 screws, greatly easing maintenance tasks where the boot drive needs to be removed.

Extensive Expansion to Adapt to Your Needs

The CQ series features up to 6 internal expansion slots for internal modules such as Wi-Fi, GPS, CAN-bus, video capture and cellular modems.  3 dedicated external expansion areas provide space for additional I/O ports as required, such as GLAN, RS-232, GPIO or video ports.

Appropriate Performance for All Applications

With processor options from Intel Atom through Intel Celeron to mobile Intel Core i7, the CQ series can offer appropriate performance for all applications.

Highly Specified as Standard

In addition to the standard vehicle-focussed features of our current computers, the CQ series includes:

  • Regulated 12V and 5V outputs, switchable via software – to power external devices.
  • Configurable shut-down delays, controlled via software for convenience.   
  • 4 digital inputs & 4 relay outputs for monitoring and controlling external devices.
  • Amplified audio output socket for direct connection to a speaker, removing the need for an external amplifier (e.g. to provide loud verbal instructions to the driver which can be heard over road noise)

Easy Software Integration

Each CQ series PC will be supplied preinstalled with CQ-Centre, a lightweight application that is used to control key functions of the PC such as shutdown delays and power and relay outputs.  The source code for CQ-Centre will be made available to customers wishing to customise the software or integrate its functionality into their own software solution.

Security Options for Peace of Mind

Anti-tamper screws will be available for the removable hard drive bays and external SIM card slots, preventing unauthorised removal.

Suitable for Long-Term Projects

In common with all our "C" family computers, the CQ series will have long-term availability from launch, with the same specification being available to order well into the future.

Custom-Built to Your Specification

Each CQ series PC will be built to order and configured to your exact requirements.