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In-CarPC computers help with Operation Night Safe

February 2015

In-CarPC computers are being used in Operation Night Safe - a pioneering new project delivered by Parkguard to Islington Council to tackle anti-social behaviour caused by excessive alcohol use.  Funded by a charge imposed on venues which sell alcohol between midnight and 6 AM, Parkguard's Operation Night Safe patrol officers have been in action since last November, helping to keep the streets of Islington safe and local residents reassured.

Parkguard's existing fleet of vehicles were already fitted with In-CarPC computers, but this flagship project called for something special as its centrepiece, so a brand new Ford Transit Custom van was ordered and equipped with an on-board PC.

The vehicle computers are used by officers to submit reports of incidents as they happen, with the information transmitted to HQ so that commanders have an accurate and up-to-date picture of events on the ground as they unfold.  This real-time intelligence reporting from mobile units allows HQ to react quickly by allocating resources to where they are most needed.

Parkguard Night Safe Vehicle

Lee Hutchings, Parkguard's Operations Director said "We have been using In-CarPC's computers in our vehicles since early 2009 and they are a vital part of our mobile operation, being used in often challenging environments to allow officers to gather and retrieve intelligence in real time.  Using the built-in computers improves efficiency by eliminating paperwork and ensuring that all necessary information is immediately recorded.

"A built-in PC is essential for work such as ours, as officers have to be able to enter and exit the vehicle quickly.  Tablet PCs would be totally unsuitable as they would quickly get damaged and aren't easy to use in the vehicle.  In-CarPC's computers have stood the test of time and we are very happy with the company's service."