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Industrial & Embedded PC Solutions for Vehicles

In-CarPC's "CQ" (fanless) and "C" (fanned) families of embedded PCs have been specifically designed to withstand the harsh environment found in vehicles and other industrial applications, whilst providing the necessary performance, long product lifecycle and expandability required for such deployments.  These PCs are therefore the ideal solution for your organisation’s embedded computing needs.

CQ60 Series CQ50 Series CQ40 Series CQ15
CQ60 Fanless PC 
Intel Core i7 & optional NVIDIA GPU
CQ50 Fanless PC 
Intel Celeron/i3/i7
CQ40 Fanless PC 
Intel Celeron/i3/i7, compact chassis
CQ15 Fanless PC
Intel Atom, compact chassis

Our "CQ" family of embedded industrial vehicle PCs are typically available for many years from launch. Because of this, and the fact that we are required to keep our computers’ specifications fixed to comply with our E-marking obligations, customers can be sure that they can continue to purchase identical systems that fit perfectly within their existing IT infrastructure over long periods of time. This helps to reduce long-term costs as there will be little or no development costs when replacement or additional units are required.   

We provide a range of operating systems (including Windows Embedded operating systems), and for convenience we can pre-load your organisation’s own operating system image, enabling your hardware integration and deployment process to be hassle-free and efficient.

Fanless (passively cooled) Embedded PC Models

The CQ15 fanless embedded PC is our entry-level vehicle PC, with an Intel Atom D2550 dual core processor.  Built with an extremely compact chassis, the CQ15 is easy to mount in the smallest of spaces.  The CQ15 is built to order with a wide range of optional built-in features, including 4G (with dual SIM card slots), GPS, Wi-Fi, CAN-bus and video capture.

The CQ40 series is based on an almost identical physical footprint to our compact CQ15 PC, but offers a range of processors from an entry-level Intel Celeron 2980U up to a high performance Intel Core i7-4650U, with up to 8 GB RAM and dual internal SSDs with RAID support.  Unlike the CQ15, the CQ40 series fully supports Windows 10.

The CQ50 series of fanless vehicle PCs builds on the CQ40 by offering enhanced expansion capability and significantly greater processing performance, courtesy of CPUs up to an Intel Core i7-6600U and support for up to 32 GB RAM.  The CQ50 series supports dual removable hard drives / SSDs, up to 4 x PoE LAN ports and dual cellular modems.

Finally, the CQ60 series is our highest performing fanless PC to date, and optionally supports a built-in NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti GPU with 768 CUDA cores - perfect for applications involving demanding parallel processing work.  Up to 8 x PoE GbE LAN ports are supported, or up to 5 x 4G / LTE modems.  

Fanned (actively cooled) Embedded PC Models

The C3 series embedded PC offers outstanding performance with a 3rd generation quad core Intel Core i7 processor, and also offers good levels of expansion.  Supporting up to 16 GB DDR3 RAM and with several expansion slots, the C3 series is particularly suited to organisations that require lots of expansion capability but also the highest levels of performance for demanding industrial applications. This can be of particular interest to emergency services organisations, as our embedded vehicle PCs can support a wide range of specialist hardware (e.g. medical equipment, ANPR cameras and mobile CCTV units) with the necessary processing power to support software relating to these devices.  To read more about the C3 series industrial PC click here

The C4 series embedded PC builds on the strength of the C3 series by offering even greater levels of performance, courtesy of a 6th generation (Skylake) quad core Intel Core i7 processor and support for up to 32 GB DDR4 RAM.  To read more about the C4 series industrial PC click here

Our embedded PCs do not restrict customers to one particular function or piece of software, nor do they sacrifice performance, despite being highly compact computers. 

Please contact us to discuss your organisation’s industrial computer requirements.