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Factory Recovery Solution

Our computers include a recovery solution which gives customers the ability to easily restore their PC to factory settings.  This may be necessary in cases where operating system files have been corrupted (e.g. due to malware, virus infection or unintentional power loss during initial setup).   

The recovery solution runs from a secure partition on the PC’s hard drive, and does not require the PC to be booted from an external device such as a USB flash drive or CD.  

A preinstalled Windows® application also gives users the ability to create additional backups, either of the complete system or of individual files and folders, which can be stored on the PC itself or any external storage device.   

Because the solution is very user-friendly, recovery operations can be carried out by end-users, in many cases removing the need for a technician to visit the PC.  However, recovery can be password protected to prevent unauthorised recovery.

By default, the recovery solution restores the PC to the state it was in when shipped from In-CarPC, but if requested we can provide customers' IT staff with instructions on how to update the recovery image.  This will ensure that a recovery operation includes any changes made to the PC upon arrival, such as settings, drivers, user accounts and additional programs.   

The factory recovery solution is supplied preinstalled on all In-CarPC’s computers that are ordered with standard Windows® licenses, at no additional cost.  Customers that do not require the recovery solution should please advise this when ordering.