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Lonestar Conversions - Luxury Vehicle Conversion (PCs)

Lonestar Conversions is a firm of bespoke vehicle converters that specialise in the custom coachbuilding of Mercedes Sprinters. 

The flagship model in Lonestar’s range is the JetStar, which is a top of the range VIP vehicle used by top executives and celebrities, including Lulu, Arctic Monkeys and Dizzee Rascal.  The JetStar features a completely custom wooden and leather interior, a compact bar station, electric doors, and a wide range of optional extras.

In-CarPC’s vehicle computers are at the heart of the infotainment system aboard each JetStar, providing high speed 3G internet access for web browsing, email and online media playback; plus Microsoft Office software, iPod connectivity, DVD functionality, and an extensive library of music and video stored on a high capacity hard drive.  The system is controlled by using a number of intuitive touch screen displays, with one or more 32” LCD displays used for viewing media.

“Our clients expect every aspect of the vehicle to be the very best, and to provide flawless functionality and ease of use”, said Martyn Hall, Managing Director at Lonestar.  “In-CarPC’s computers have been very successful at providing a robust and dependable entertainment system that outperforms everything else we have looked at.”

Lonestar Jetstar Interior

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