Introducing The i-PDM

The i-PDM is In-CarPC’s latest product, we are jumping into the world of PDM’s (Power Distribution Module). The PDM replaces the relays and fuses of a traditional vehicle electrical system with a fully customisable electrical system.

The i-PDM takes input signals from CAN bus messages, physical switches (including CAN keypads) and analogue inputs and delivers power to various devices including internal and external lighting, vehicle fans and it can even be configured to work with our existing range of in-vehicle PC’s and routers.

By continuously monitoring the current being drawn by each device connected to the i-PDM and using the fully customisable configuration system, the i-PDM protects the connected device and more importantly the vehicle wiring system from over current situations. The i-PDM also has fully resettable trips so once work on the connected device is complete the fix can be tested right away.

The i-PDM also bring the advantage of data logging to the vehicle electrical system making it possible to to track faults in the electrical system by the devices voltage and current usage.

You can view our i-PDM range here

Our Most Powerful PC Ever…….Introducing the CQ89G


With the ever-increasing demand for AI GPU computing power, In-CarPC are pleased to announce our most powerful PC to date, the CQ89G.

While similar in size to the CQ70 series and still featuring our signature fanless design. The increased power of the CQ89G, with its 10th generation (comet lake) Intel Core i9 processor (supporting up to 64 GB RAM) and Nvidia RTX 3000 Quadro GPU (which features 1920 CUDA cores and 240 Tensor cores), gives it the increased computing power to deal with the increasing demand.

Unlike other series in our range the CQ80 series has been specifically designed from the outset to be capable of supporting today’s GPU computing demands, which is why the CQ80 series only comes in the form of the CQ89G, with the GPU and PoE as standard. As with all our other systems the CQ89G is customizable to your needs and can be fitted with optional expansion cards ranging from 4G/LTE modems to GPS with dead reckoning and video capture cards. For more information on the CQ89G and its capabilities, please view our datasheet here.

For pricing information please view the CQ89G product page here, or contact us here with your enquiries.

The CQ89G is available to order, Please contact us with any questions.

In-CarPC 4×4 MIMO 5G Router is now here!

In-CarPC have been testing the all new Sierra Wireless XR90 5g Router and is pleased to be able to offer it alongside our portfolio of vehicle routers. Along with the hardware we also offer our bespoke setup for all of our routers to work with your application.
The supercharged AirLink XR90 is purpose-built for public safety and transit with available dual-5G cellular radios and dual independent 4×4 MIMO Wi-Fi 6 antennas. It is the highest performing, most flexible router in the Sierra portfolio. It supports complete device-to-cloud security, reduces your total cost of ownership with ALMS Out-of-Band management, and with the cartridged-based design, enables long-term expandability and upgradability.

The AirLink XR90 is a fully-supported, out-of-the box solution complete with integrated device management, advanced mobility reporting and 24/7 technical support. AirLink Connection Manager delivers complete VPN security and our AirLink Professional Services maximizes your system performance and customer satisfaction.

Please call a member of our team for more information

Bowland Pennine Mountain Rescue choose In-CarPC

Bowland Pennine Mountain Rescue Team has recently completed an upgrade to their control vehicle to include vehicle-mounted PC’s from In-carpc. These vehicle-specific PC’s allow them to have a resilient platform to run searches.

The van pictured below is equipped with 2 x CQ57 PC’s, on behalf of ICPC we are proud to supply a great team to make a tough job a lot easier.

You can visit their Facebook page at

In-CarPC successful in FS-AI at Silverstone.

Edinburgh University took the 1st place in the FS-AI competition held at Silverstone, to achieve this they were using the IMechE Formula Student car which runs our very own CQ67G PC.

In-Car PC’s General Manager Stuart Window commented “As a motorsport competitor and spectator it was brilliant to see all the teamwork involved throughout the weekend and to finish it off our own hardware is being used in the innovation and development of a very exciting student program, we have supplied various autonomous vehicles and race teams all over Europe and all of them have been very successful”.

Powerful CQ70 Series PC coming soon……….

We are pleased to announce the forthcoming launch of the CQ70(P) family of fanless in-vehicle PCs.  The CQ70(P) features 8th generation (Coffee Lake) Intel Core i7 processors and supports up to 32 GB RAM.
Due to the global demand of powerful PCs for the autonomous sector, we are due to release in June 2019 the new CQ70 series fanless PC. Compared to our existing fanless PCs, the CQ70’s slightly larger form factor, and therefore greater heat dissipation capability enables support for significantly more powerful Intel processors. Stand-out features of the CQ70 series include:

Optional NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 Ti GPU, supporting 1280 CUDA cores and 4 independent HDMI outputs – this makes the CQ70 series perfect for demanding parallel processing applications, or for digital signage applications involving multiple displays
Processors up to Intel i7-8700T (6 core, 12 threads, up to 4.0 GHz, and a PassMark score of 12694)
Up to 10 x GbE LAN ports, 8 of which can support PoE
Support for up to 5 internal 4G/LTE modems, all with easily accessible SIM card slots.

Any Questions or to pre order please contact us [email protected]