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Help Me Choose My PC

The table below is intended to guide you towards the most appropriate PC for your application, and concentrates mainly on the differences between our various PC models. For this reason, features which are common across the range - such as built-in 4G modems or GPS receivers - are not mentioned here.  

Please contact us for any advice.

If you want the PC to...

...then we recommend:   

be used in a vehicle environment

CQ and C family PCs are designed specifically for the vehicle environment, and are E-mark certified.

be used in other industrial-type environments, including marine applications

All our PCs can be used in these environments.

support a wide input voltage range

All our PCs can support wide input voltage ranges:

*Note that we recommend the use of a voltage dropper for 24V vehicles.

have as low a power consumption as possible

The V100 is our lowest power consuming PC. Also consider the CQ15 and V200.

be as high performance as possible

The C4 series PC uses a 6th generation Intel Core i7 processor and supports up to 32 GB RAM.  Also consider the CQ30 and C3 series.

support wide operating temperature ranges

CQ family PCs support operating temperature ranges of -40 to +70 °C.

be passively cooled (fanless) - in order to support extremely dusty environments

CQ family PCs are completely fanless, cooled by air passing over the external cooling fins, so dust is never drawn into the chassis.

be passively cooled (fanless) - in order to be as quiet as possible

CQ family PCs and the V100 PC are completely fanless.

be as small as possible

The CQ15 is our smallest PC.  Also consider the CQ30 series, the V family, and any C family PC configured with the ICPC-1 or ICPC-3 chassis.

power on and off in response to an external trigger line (e.g. ignition feed in a vehicle)

CQ and C family PCs all have external trigger feeds as standard.  The V100 can optionally have this feature. 

power on and off like a normal desktop PC (controlled by a power button on the front of the PC)

V family PCs behave this way by default. C family PCs can optionally have this feature.

be as low-cost as possible

All our PCs offer great value for money, but the V100 and V200 are our lowest priced models.

support triple independent displays

The C4 series PC can output to 3 displays independently.  Most other models can support dual independent displays.

support an industry-standard PCI Express card

C family PCs configured with the ICPC-3 or ICPC-4 chassis feature a PCI Express slot (low profile for ICPC-3, full-size for ICPC-4).  The V200 can optionally feature a PCI Express slot.

support 2.5" removable media

The CQ30 series supports 2 removable HDD/SSD drives as standard.  C family PCs configured with the ICPC-4 chassis can support up to 3 removable drives.

have a built-in backup battery (UPS) for short-term self-powering

CQ family PCs are available with a built-in UPS.

provide regulated 12V or 5V outputs for external devices

C family PCs feature regulated 5V and 12V outputs, with each line supporting up to 1A.  CQ family PCs feature a regulated 12V line supporting up to 2A.

support dual cellular modems (3G/4G)

The CQ30 series can support two internal modems, as can C family PCs configured with the ICPC-4 chassis.

support optical drives (e.g. DVD)

C family PCs configured with the ICPC-4 chassis can support an optical drive.

be VESA or DIN rail mounted

V family PCs support VESA and DIN rail mounting.